In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Diagnox presents testing kit to aid in the detection of SARS-CoV-2 (Corona Virus).

At Diagnox (Dallas, TX) we have one simple aim - All people, regardless of status and buying power, should have access to quality healthcare. We aim to provide access to all individuals with point-of-care quality and affordable healthcare products that seamlessly integrate with our daily lives to “improve quality of life”.

We achieve this goal by constant innovation and investing our resources in research and development to create unparalleled value in our products. We believe that modern tools and technologies are essential for next generation of healthcare products - At Diagnox, we design, develop, and bring to our users intelligent, reliable, smarter, and aesthetically beautiful products.

Our Values

We believe in reducing the barriers to quality healthcare products for all individuals through constant innovation, research, and development.

We believe in developing premium quality products that can provide greater value to the customers in the form of reliability, affordability, and most importantly user-centric experiences.

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